10 Unknown Facts About Bajrangi Bhaijaan revealed by Director Kabir Khan

1. Salmaan – Children

10 Unknown Facts About Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Director Kabir Khan tells “The Chemistry that Salmaan has with kids is sheer magic & u will see that on screen.

2. Favorite Song 

Favorite Song

There is a very special Qawwali in BB which is Salman’s favorite, which is sung by Adnan Sani.

3. Salman in Mind

Salman in Mind

It was only Salman in his mind when Kabir Khan first read the script, and the actor too agreed to the movie within seconds of listening to the whole script.

4. Harshali


Surprisingly, Harshali was the naughtiest one on the sets, the little kid on whom the whole movie is based.

5. Nawazuddin


Nawazuddin and Salman got along like a house on fire, watching them in a frame together was pure joy. This is the second movie that actors doing together.

6. Kareena


Kareena lights up the frame every time she is in front of the camera. She is a natural. The actress has given a brilliant performance in the movie.

7. Kareena-Rasika 


While writing the script, Kabir Khan had only Kareena in mind for Rasika’s character.

8. Number of songs

Number of songs

Kabir Khan also informed his fans that the film has a total of seven songs, which is quite a lot for Bollywood movies.

9. How Harshali was chosen

How Harshali was chosen

Talking about Harshali, who plays the role of the little girl He said she was selected after a nationwide hunt and she creates absolute magic in the film.

10. Favorite Dialogue

Favorite Dialogue

Hum Bajrangi Bali ke Bhakt hai.. Mar jayemge par jhoot nahi bolenge – Kabir Khan.

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