Titli Movie Review : Good movie, but not for Everyone!

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Rating : 3.5/5 Star (3.5 Stars)

Star Cast :  Shashank Arora, Lalit Behl, Sumit Gulati, Shivani Raghuvanshi

Direction : Kanu Behl

Story Line : In the badlands of Delhi’s dystopic underbelly, Titli, the youngest member of a violent car-jacking brotherhood, plots a desperate bid to escape the ‘family’ business.

What’s Good : Titli is a movie which makes an impact because of the unique storyline, the plots and themes it covers at ground level is new and honest. The movie shows that how the circumstances in which a poor and ambitious person gets into causes him to take shortcuts and involve in evil means. How the rich and powerful and the so called ‘friends’ try to take advantage of your situation. The director did a great work at showing the tension between the characters and the way he showed the brutal hammer scenes is praiseworthy.

What’s Bad : No songs, no romance, no dance sometimes it looks like you’re not watching a Bollywood film but watching a documentary! The film is for the people who are interested in watching something unique but the one’s who love to watch masala or romance or comedy won’t enjoy the film. The camera is shaking and for no reason their was weird sounds of radio in background at some parts.

Our Opinion : Watch this movie for an enriching experience and the surprising solutions provided to the problem of ambitiousness or desperation of a poor immoral family. But remember it’s not for everyone! Some might feel it boring & waste of money film.

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