10 things you don’t really want to know about KRK

10 things you don't really want to know about KRK

Kamaal R Khan, popularly known as KRK, is back in news for two reasons. First, Ek Villain, where he did a bit special appearance, is a hit. Second, his Twitter war with ace comedian Kapil Sharma. KRK loves controversies. He stays in news as long as controversies last. One day he is throwing things in the Bigg Boss house, the next day he is rapped for abusing celebrities. One day he is a Samajwadi Party candidate in Mumbai, dropped like hot potato the next day. We bring to you 10 things you really don’t want to know about KRK

1. His name is actually just Rashid Khan. He appended ‘Kamaal’ later.

2. He left his home and arrived in Mumbai to become an actor. He made his debut as a producer with 2005-flick Sitam. Since then, he has produced and acted in many low-budget Hindi and Bhojpuri films.

3. He proposed to TV actress Sara Khan, and also tweeted his feelings on Twitter. Earlier he used to send kisses to Bollywood actress Asin every morning. He posted: ‘Its official that yesterday I have broken up with my Moroccan girlfriend Sabah but today I am already in love with Sara khan TV actress’.

4. He claims to be living in a 21,000 sq ft house. He said he gets his milk from Holland, water from France, and tea from London. Now, he runs a garment business and continues to export labor to the gulf.

5. According to a report in Telly Chakkar, Kamaal is bald. During his stint in Bigg Boss 3, he was mostly seen wearing a bandana at night. So as per the report, as he is bald and wanted to hide it he made use of a bandana while sleeping. The report also states that this secret was exposed when a unit member got his hands on KRK’s wig which was lying in the cupboard. Back then an individual had even managed to click a picture of the actor without his wig and a furious KRK ensured that it didn’t leak to the media.

6. Khan has an office in a house in Versova. His home has a glass front and bears his initials in large size, the ‘R’ in ‘KRK’ marked in red with the two Ks in grey. Inside, he looms on every wall. There are life-size photographs of his on the walls of his living room, along his corridor, and in his gym – with him either holding a gun or wearing sunglasses.

7. We aren’t sure how old Kamaal is. Neither is he. He told an interviewer that he was 39. His website says he is 33. Most news reports put him between 40 and 50. Your guess is as good as his.

8. He has quite a following on Twitter. Because he is hilariously weird and, sometimes, weirdly hilarious. He is rude and crashes when talking about stars who don’t like him. Kamaal Rashid Khan recently announced he is marrying his girlfriend Smita Kamal. He tweeted, “Whole twitter family is invited for my marriage with @JustSmita.” Smita too took to Twitter and said, “God has given me @kamaalrkhan 😉 Tu Jaan Se Pyaara Ho Gaya… #deshdrohi #myfavsong @kamaalrkhan. Don’t Look for Love! Love will find you!! N here`s sm Real Love n kisses for @kamaalrkhan.

9. When KRK dislikes someone on Twitter, he calls them ‘2RSPpl’-apparently short for ‘do take ke log (two rupees people)’.

10. In his own world, KRK is as big a star as SRK. While SRK has a bungalow called ‘Mannat’ in Mumbai, KRK has named his bungalow in Dubai ‘Jannat’.

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