Main Aur Charles Review : Good portrayal of Charles Sobhraj’s life

Main Aur Charles Review : Good portrayal of Charles Sobhraj’s life

Rating : 3/5 Star (3 Stars)

Star Cast :  Randeep Hooda, Richa Chadda, Adil Hussain, Nandu Madhav

Direction : Prawaal Raman

Story Line : Meet him once and your life will change forever. The movie revolves around Charles, an enigmatic con man and a vicious killer, and the lives he touched with his inescapable charm and mysterious personality. We follow Charles, who is literally evil personified, as he manipulates innumerable people to facilitate his jail break. The thin line between his victims and accomplices include a copywriter of an international ad agency clinging on to Charles for hope, a royal princess seeking adventure in an otherwise bland life, a young hippie girl hopelessly drawn towards him, and an innocent law student Mira madly in love with the dreams sold by Charles amongst various others – from a financial wizard, an extortionist from Haryana to a helpless prison supervisor. Bit by bit, the character of Charles is revealed through all those who encountered him. Probably the only person who interacted with Charles the least, Commisioner Amod Kant, was affected by him the most. We see the impact of Charles…

What’s Good : This film is a good portrayal of Charles Sobhraj’s life and journey of crime & passion in India. The story unfolds in a non-linear pattern.We view it as pieces of memories of people, whom Charles has befriended. The plot starts from how he escaped from Thailand after murders and comes to India and starts conning people, getting jailed and jail-break. This is the first quarter of film. The film shows his charisma,seductiveness, shrewdness along with his desire for evil. The screenplay is tight, without any unnecessary stretch. Then we find how his accomplices helps him for jail-break and what a master-planner he is. Randeep Hooda as Charles,with his french-Vietnamese accent,charm,seduction is brilliant. Adil Hussain as the good, stern, moral police officer is perfect. Richa Chadda also plays a bold part with ease. The cinematography is excellent.

What’s Bad : The sets sometimes lacked the look of 70s & 80s. The movie offers little to the audience with respect to any insight into Shobhraj’s criminal mind. Why he does what he does. For a script to be strong we need to understand why a certain character it taking an action. The movie did not provide any clear answers.

Our Opinion : Watch Main Aur Charles only if you’re imaginative and able to understand the film or else skip it.

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