10 Amazing Facts You Should Know About Baahubali

10 Amazing Facts You Should Know About Baahubali

Baahubali, The most awaited movie of the year got released today. This movie is the most trending topic on social networks from the day director announced it. But, do you really know everything about it? We doubt! You might not know some of the amazing facts about the movie! If you have watched this then you are very lucky, but if you haven’t then read these amazing facts about it & go, watch it now!

baahubali facts

1.) Baahubali is a bilingual movie & getting released in around 15 languages including Hindi, Malayalam, English, French, etc.

2.) Baahubali is the most expensive movie in the history of Indian cinema, with a budget of Rs. 250 Crores.

prabhas baahubali

3.) Prabhas & Rana gain weight of around 100 Kilograms each for the movie, after months of training & extreme workout they reached it.

4.) The movie has over 4500 VFX, which is the highest for Indian Cinema.

ss rajamouli

5.) Baahubali became the first movie to be a part of BBC’s documentary. In the history of 100 years of Bollywood, it was the first to be a part of the documentary.

6.) Around 800 people worked on the Art, Design & VFX work of the movie.

baahubali 2015

7.) Lead Actors Rana & Prabhas was on a strict diet plan, they had to go for 6-7 meals a day, which included Rice & Non-Veg food.

8.) The movie was shot for around 400 days.

baahubali movie

9.) The movie smashed records in the tradition of Building sets. Usually, movie sets are 24 feet high, but in Baahubali they built sets of 40-45 feet height to achieve perfect flawless shots.

10.) Prabhas had to go for 40 boiled eggs in his breakfast every day.

So, we should be proud of Indian director SS Rajmouli who worked hard to give us such an amazing movie! Go & must watch it.

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