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    Thursday, 6 August 2015

    I don't have many friends in Bollywood : says Imran Abbas

    Bollywood has many shining stars and everyone is trying to be friends with each other but someone has chosen a different way & it's Imran Abbas. He was last seen in movie 'Creature 3D' with Bipasha Basu. When asked him about being different then he says, "I don't have many friends in Bollywood. I don't even have many friends even in Lollywood or in Pakistan. I make very few friends. And I don't think in media or in professional life you make friends. After becoming successful or after your professional life, you hardly make friends. You make friends only in your childhood when you go through ups and downs together. When you are grown up, you only judge people."

    He also added, "I don't make friends and I am happy being like that. I don't want to trust anyone nor do I want to be trusted by anyone. Because once the trust is broken, you only end up being disappointed. So I don't keep hopes. I am just very happy because hopes always disappoint you. I am happy with no friends." It was his opinion for not being closed to anyone in Bollywood.

    When he was asked about his experience in Bollywood and give his opinion about it then he said, "I have met all types of people in Bollywood. This has happened to me in Pakistan also. The mentality of people in Indian and Pakistan is more or less the same. So you don't say that ‘it was a dream land and it was utopia'. Everything is not perfect here. I met some best people and some worst people in Bollywood. So it's the same. In Pakistan also I met some people who are more poisonous than a snake. And there are some who are sweeter than honey."

    His upcoming movie "Jaanisaar" will be released on this Friday which is directed by Muzaffar Ali, whose last film was Umrao Jaan.

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